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pale ale

Alc. 5.1% vol. - Original extract: 11.8%

In the "good old days," when beer still matured in wooden barrels and was poured into pitchers, our present-day MAXL. The Helle! has its origin.

In the year 1876, when Carl-Paul Gottfried Linde developed the refrigeration machine to serial maturity, it became possible to dispense with natural ice as a coolant. This made it feasible to store beer made from light barley malts without any issues.

One year after the invention (1877), the brewery in Maxlrain was relocated from the castle to the current brewery building. The brewmaster at the time was driven by ambition to brew the best Helle in the entire region. He conducted numerous brewing experiments in the new brewhouse and, in the late hours, tasted the results with his friend Maxl, the proprietor of the Castle Inn in Maxlrain. When Maxl found a batch particularly successful, he would inscribe his name "Maxl" with a chalk pencil on the respective barrel.

It was likely during this time that a beer was already emerging here, which later, in a similar form, began its triumph as "Münchner Helles" and is more popular than ever today.


Our Maxl.Das Helle in the Euro bottle impresses with its mild and slender taste, along with a light malt aroma. The extended maturation period makes this pale beer a particularly mild and enjoyable beer experience. It stands out with a pleasant freshness and spice in its flavor. The finish is pleasant and of short duration. The Maxl.Das Helle is available in the 0.5L Euro bottle as well as the stylish small 0.33L Euro bottle.

The pale beer, like all our beers, is still traditionally crafted today. Conscientiously selected raw materials from local contract farmers are used in the brewing process. The right varieties of barley and hops on the right soils significantly contribute to the excellence of this beer. The fresh brewing water is sourced from our own spring in the Mangfall Valley. The Maxl Hell is notably light straw-yellow and has a sparkling appearance.

Naturally, the Maxl Hell is brewed strictly according to the Bavarian Purity Law as a traditional beer and has been awarded DLG Gold for years.

  • TYPE
    pale ale


    fruity and full-bodied with a slight
    malt aroma

    5,1 % vol.

    pale straw-yellow

    hearty meat dishes, salmon, salads and antipasti


    fresh and subtle

    20x 0,5l, 20x 0,33l, 6x 0,5l, 6x 0,33l