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Off to Maxlrain!

A Beehive of Activity the whole year round!

Maxlrain presents itself as an oasis of culture in the surrounding region of Rosenheim, both for small-scale and major spectacular events. An outline of the events taking place will be found listed below. There’s always something going on here for both young and old, thus catering for the whole family.

Here, our latest calendar of events: EVENTS CALENDAR

Traditional Tapping of the Maxlrain Jubilator Ultra Strong Beer

Launch of Strong Ale Season

After the annual carnival season has come to a close and the Lenten period begins, two red-letter days stand out in the Maxlrain events calendar. It is then that the dark double-strength bock beer is freshly drawn from the tap amidst a rustic alpine atmosphere in which Bavarian delicacies are served to the sound of traditional music, a Shrovetide special for the guest and host alike.
Further strong-ale tapping ceremonies take place in the surrounding area of Maxlrain.

kultur starkbieranstich

Charivari "Morning Pint"

Several times a year - live from the Bräustüberl

The "morning pint" of "Radio Charivari" has become a very popular event in the Bräustüberl Maxlrain. Several Sundays a year, always from 11 am on, the radio station is sending live from maxlrain - with interviews, music and performances. An excellent atmosphere is guaranteed.

kultur starkbieranstich

Die Gartenlust

Für Gartenfreunde - auf der Schlosswiese Maxlrain

 Für alle Garten- und Pflanzenliebhaber ist die 3-tägige Gartenschau ein Muss. Bei imposanter Atmosphäre im Maxlrainer Schlossgarten bieten Fachhändler Pflanzen, Blumen, Accessoires, Nützliches und Kulinarisches. Begleitet wird die Gartenlust von zahlreichen Fachvorträgen und musikalischen Einlagen. Auch für das leibliche Wohl ist immer bestens gesorgt.

kultur gartenlust

Bavaria Historic

The Grand Vintage Car Rally in Maxlrain

Each year on Corpus Christi Day the gates of the Maxlrain Castle Meadow are thrown open for the annual vintage car rally. That’s the time when spruced-up road vehicles of yesteryear line up for the Bavaria Historic, a rally staged by the German Automobile Club ADAC through the Alps and spread over several days. A comprehensive supporting programme makes this event – attended by up to 20,000 enthusiasts – one of Maxlrain’s greatest events of the year.

maxlrain ort 02

Six o’clock Early Morning Dance in Maxlrain Beer Garden

In former times, maids and servants staged all their party celebrations at the crack of dawn before going about their daily duties. The best-known example is perhaps the Cooks’ Ball in Munich’s English Garden which has survived down to the present day in continuation of this ancient tradition. The early morning dance has meanwhile become firmly established in the region surrounding Rosenheim. On the first Sunday in July at the stroke of six the Maxlrain beer garden is already crowded with enthusiasts kicking up their heels and the band strikes up, there’s simply no stopping them!

kultur morgentanzl

Craft Fair and Traditional Costume Bazaar

An Event for both the Young and Young at Heart

In July, as a rule after the early morning dance, a two-day craft fair is staged each year over the first weekend of July combined with a traditional costume bazaar. Special exhibitors ply their ancient crafts in live demonstration workshops, enhanced by a colourful display of authentic local costume. Children are also invited to join in this hands-on experience.
Spontaneous music performances and presentations add zest to the proceedings. The admission is free.

kultur trachtenmarkt

Hop Picking Festival

in Bavaria’s Southernmost Hop Garden

Since time immemorial, the Maxlrain Castle Brewery has been supplied with hops from the Hallertau Hop Growing Region. A number of years ago, we decided to create our own hop garden where a major festival takes place every two years during the harvesting period. This is supported by a vast programme of side events along with an exhibition focused on hop growing. Traditional dishes are served and we always make sure that all ages are well catered for including our little ones.

kultur hopfazupfa

Maxlrainer Jousting Tournaments

A Great Mediaeval Spectacle!

Each year at the end of September, the Maxlrain Castle Meadow transforms itself into a mediaeval town filled with display stands, craft-plying workshops and several performing stages. Distinguished mediaeval minstrel bands and groups assemble in Maxlrain for this grand occasion – staged now for over ten years – and transport guests into a magical world of its very own. Jousting tournaments alternate with magicians, jugglers, artistes and many other weird characters to make this two-day event a once-in-a-lifetime experience for young and old. Sunday is a popular kiddies’ day with attractions galore.

kultur ritterspiele